Leadership Development Programs

We understand dynamic durable organizations have to grow and change to stay competitive. Key business objectives are achieved  by being unified with common values and purpose. We have the tools  for stakeholders to meet the needs of a dynamic workplace result in  self-awareness and a leadership mindset  which are the foundation of creating cultures with leadership capital. When you have leadership capital you have, forward thinking, openness, flexibility, accountability, solution based perspective, self-empowered, and compassionate partners.  

Our expertise is in identifying opportunities of improvement, designing solutions and measuring the results. 

What are you waiting for? 

Leadership Development Programs


Our consulting is dedicated to get you results that enhance the overall performance and environment of your workplace. 

We take a strategic approach by first identifying the desired state. Before we can prescribe a solution we diagnose the situation by developing benchmarks that provide an accurate picture of the current climate.

From the benchmark results a customized path is created to reach the objectives. During the implementation we stay focused on the goals while recognizing this is a dynamic process and adjustments are made if needed. 

The final phase of the initiative is the key component measuring the results — how well the objectives were met.

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership Development

Development is the heart of DSLLC. We have many approaches and tools available for our clients that address real workplace challenges that provide effective solutions. 

Every organization has it's own culture and our programs are modular so we can provide your team exactly what it requires. 

We also contextualize programs to reflect your real world scenarios. 

Workshops are created for team and management development. All courses are engaging with a combination of, presentation, discussion and experiential learning.

Leadership Development Programs


For those who have a desire to move beyond the status quo and become self-actualized — everything in life inconstantly changing, the processor growth is ongoing, there is always ore than one path to get where you want to be and coaching is designed to support individuals in the realization of their personal and professional fulfillment. This is a process of self-empowerment, that embodies true leadership — unlike other programs that only touch the surface; coaching makes changes at the core level and shifts your mindset to a way of Being that is true leadership.

Leadership Questionnaire & Engagement Overview

Check out the Leadership Questionnaire and within minutes identify key areas of  leadership opportunities.

The Engagement Sheet Provides an overview of popular topics.

Leadership Questionnaire DSLLC (pdf)


Dana Smith Engagement Sheet (pdf)



The Art of Authentic Leadership

Leadership Development Programs

Leadership is the fundamental trait influential people embody. True leadership is not a position within an organization but a perspective, a mindset, in essence a way of Being. Leadership is openness to change and is inspires through authenticity.

This workshop sets the foundation for a leadership mindset and capital.

"Yours has been the most inspiring and relevant leadership seminar I've been to, and I've attended quite a few recently. A lot of synergistic thinking was unleashed in the group." — Class Participant

Emotional Resilience for Organizational Change

Leadership Development Programs

Change is ongoing and part of our everyday world and it's time to move beyond just coping. Developing the capacity for change without being completely drained of your valuable energy is a vital leadership quality in today's world. 

This workshop provides perspective, insight and tools that alleviate stress associated with change and develops emotional resilience.

"I felt empowered and inspired." — Class Participant

Manager as Coach

Leadership Development Programs

Consistent effective engagement with your team is an art. Just as in professional sports a coach keeps the team focused while bringing forth individual talents. 

This is an opportunity to gain a high level of self awareness while learning powerful coaching tools and skills.

"It was fun & gave a treasure chest of life long tools for personal growth." — Class Participant

Coach, Mentor, Leader

Leadership Development Programs

A path of continual self improvement is the path of a leader. With the mindset of improvement and openness we open ourselves to greater achievement.

This master program delves in to advanced coaching and coaching techniques.

"Above and beyond what I expected." — Class Participant


Leadership Development Programs

Speaking Engagements

Dana is available for speaking engagements and retreat workshops. 

"Dana you were just what the doctor ordered...There were so many discussions throughout the rest of the weekend about the topic. When this happens you know you've hit a home run." — Amy Bright, BUILD Retreat

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